Haus Treuburg Country Inn and Cottages - Port Hood, Nova Scotia
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German Sunday Morning Breakfast is usually served in the cozy Lounge.
Here is, what you can expect beside the nice company of other guests of the Inn:

Freshly brewed strong coffee or tea
Homemade bread, sour dough bread
Butter and cheese
Honey and homemade jam
Orange juice
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Milk and cereals
Homemade yoghurt
Fried or scrambled or boiled eggs
Home crafted bacon and sausage


In the evening Chef Georg serves a four course dinner.


A specialty from Alsace-Loraine, some people call it the "German Pizza"


Smoked Salmon
Freshly smoked salmon by chef Georg

Salad or Soup of the day

Lobster Armorique
Already out of the shell on Wild Rice and a Flamed Tomato Sauce with Sherry and Cognac, surrounded by Asparagus


Beef Stroganoff
Beef stewed with mushrooms and tomatoes. Served with champagne spätzle


Vegetarian Lasagna
Homemade pasta with a flavorful layer of spinach and tomatoes


Georg makes it from an old recipe. The crust is thin, you can almost read a love letter through it. It is served warm with ice cream and real whipped cream.


Cognac Sorbet
It is like heaven

Georg's delicious bread will be served with every dinner

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